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In the Maasai language, Mapiti means "Let's go!"
With this in mind, welcome to our site!
Our association supports people who need help to help themselves.

Countless people around the world have no access to clean water.
We have experienced this up close in the Masai community of Mgora in Tanzania.
We cannot let go of this experience.
Our current project: We are building a well!

Our water project

The women and girls of the Maasai community go back and forth to the waterhole almost every day for up to four hours to fetch water.

If you have a donkey, you can count yourself lucky.
If you don't, carry the water with your head.

In addition to positive aspects for health, the future well provides the girls some free time that they can use to go to school.

March 2020

Another big step has been taken! The soil test was finally carried out. Two geologists from Arusha have done a professional job. They identified three potential drilling points and collected data to determine the probable depth of the water and the nature of the soil. Now we are waiting for the result.

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