What people need most they know best themselfs. We asked them. The traditional council of elders has identified and prioritized the most important needs: access to clean drinking water and support for schools.

Our first project is therefore the production of a drinking water supply. We're going to build a well!

Water is life. In addition to a positive aspect for health, it also saves the girls time that they can use to go to school.

Pictures tell more than a thousand words:

Groundtest March 2020    *Turn on your speakers*

Nevertheless, there are more than a thousand words to tell at Mapiti e.V.


Story of groundtest

Download: Comming soon in Englisch

Offizieller Jahresbericht 2019

What we have achieved and what we are going to do

Die Initialzündung aus 2018

How it all started, we can't let go of what we have experienced on site

Die Entstehungsgeschichte aus 2019

Founding of the organisation and work on site in Mgora

Vorstellung Mapiti

Poster in English

Flyer in English

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