Ground test: March 2020

A big step has been taken! The ground test we have been waiting for has finally been carried out. Two geologists traveled all the way from Arusha to carry out geological and technical measurements in Mgora. They were received by the Masai in an inn. Freshly strengthened, we went to the city administration in Mafisa. After the mayor received the two geologists, they wrote down in the local guest book. Then it went into the bush to Mgora. A promising area from all over Mgora was selected in the visual procedure and after consultation with the Masai. A kilometer was set there, on which two different cables were rolled out above ground. This kilometer sometimes did not adhere to existing paths, so the way for the cables had to be cut through bushes and scrub with machetes. The geologists carried out two tests with a mobile measuring device. For the first test, the kilometer was walked piece by piece, a measuring probe was knocked into the ground every few meters in order to measure the ground tension with the mobile measuring device. The data obtained was neatly recorded in a large book. Now three points could be selected that appeared most suitable for a later well drilling. In a second measurement procedure, additional data was collected at each of these three points in order to determine the probable depth and the soil conditions. The Maasai were involved in carrying out the tests and supported the geologists in running the kilometer, hitting the measuring probe in the ground and thereby obtaining the necessary data. The whole process lasted until late evening, so the second measurement was made at the third and last drill point the next morning.

Due to this, the geologists could not leave after dinner, but stayed in an inn. Both the meals and the overnight stay in the inn were provided to the geologists by the Masai free of charge. The Masai community was very proud of their guests. They don't have a lot of money, but they all went together to invite the geologists as good hosts. After completing the final test the next morning, the geologists reported that when they returned to their office, they entered all the data they had collected into their computers. The computer programs calculate the probable depths and the soil conditions of the respective drilling points. At this point in time, they cannot present any results. Through their experience and expertise, they assess the local conditions positively. They will send the report with the results, which hopefully confirms their assessment, to the well construction company commissioned by us to carry out this test.


Video text:

Soil test for a well in Mgora, Tansania

Agreement of the test area

One kilometer long...

...the required data was recorded

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