There are many ways

you can help us:


 (regularly) an amount of your choice to our bank account or via PayPal

Many people want to work to improve the lives of others, but they simply do not have the capacity to commit themselves. A project needs financial supporters as urgently as doers! We are very pleased that you support us with your donation and make our projects possible!

Become a sponsoring member

and be part of Mapiti


Meaningful gifts for you and your friends

instead of any vouchers

There are always occasions when choosing the right gift becomes a pain because everyone has everything.

Whether birthday, wedding, confirmation, anniversary, or other important life event, good action is always the right thing.

We will gladly send you a certificate as a gift with an individual name. Just send us an e-mail.


Take your guests away and wish a donation instead of gifts for Mapiti.

Simply place a piggy bank or ask your guests for an independent donation.

If you like, you can print one of the posters and / or flyer to inform your guests about Mapiti. You will find these under materials.

Associations, kindergartens, schools, parishes, etc.

Start a project

Whether charity runs, cake sales, flea markets or performance shows, let your imagination run free and become active for a good cause!

You will see how much fun it is to get active together! Tell us with photos about your activities! We look forward to it and the people in the disadvantaged regions of the world will be enthusiastic and incredibly thankful!

Your commitment also makes other people aware of our project.

You are welcome to use our posters and flyers. If you would like more support from us, please contact us by e-mail.

Do good and talk about it.

Your donation is more than just a cash grant.

Show that you care about the rest of the world and that you are committed to improving the living conditions in disadvantaged regions!

Tell your friends, colleagues, neighbors of Mapiti and post in social networks about our association and your commitment, share our website and help us to inform more people about Mapiti!

Let the ruble roll

Without it costing you anything

Shopping via
The Amazon funding program passes on 0.5% of the purchase amount to organizations for each of your purchases. This will NOT increase your purchase price.

Mapiti is also listed there. Choose Mapiti and shop to your heart's content! We are pleased that you are supporting people who have never shop online before.


Educational donor

The education donor is a great way to support our organization! Via the educational donor you can reach hundreds of shops and delivery services from which you definitely shop regularly without you previously knowing that these businesses provide financial support for a project of your choice through the educational donor. There are no additional costs for you! Have a look!


You can also apply for a free credit card from the educational donor. With every purchase, the educational donor donates to Mapiti!

Grant certificates (donation receipts)

We are recognized by the tax office Cologne West as a non-profit association.

That means you can deduct your donations in your tax return.

We will send you your donation receipts without being asked.

Please enter your e-mail address in the intended purpose.


You determine the amount and the frequency (eg monthly) of your donations yourself. You can change them at any time and individually. A general meeting takes place at least once a year. As a sponsor, you are invited to learn more about Mapiti's activities and report.

You can submit your application if you agree to the following:

You consent to Mapiti storing your data securely ( information on data protection ) and not passing it on to third parties.

You have read the articles of association (esp. § 7) , agree with the content and want to become a supporting member. You can cancel your membership at any time by email.

On behalf of the people from Mgora, Tanzania, for which we are working with our first project, we sincerely thank you for your support! ♥

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