Why we want to support

Many of the things we take for granted on a daily basis such as. Sufficient water, electricity and sanitary facilities do not exist. However, the locals overcome these challenges and continue to live in harmony with nature.

While they may be lacking in material things they are incredibly rich in culture!
They don't need fancy things like a ceramic stove top or a cutting board. But they need access to clean water!

And to higher school education! To survive in a constantly changing world. We do not want to supply the Maasai with western goods and make them Europeans. We want to encourage their rich culture explicitly!

With our commitment we want to protect their traditions!

Our top priority is clean water and the opportunity for education. By providing these tools they will be able to earn enough

to allow them to continue to live in their traditional communities.


Climate change does also affect the Maasai steppe. Harvests are getting worse and people are being forced to buy

additional food.

How can we help?

They know best themselfs what the people there need most. We asked them.

The traditional council of elders has identified the most important needs:

Access to clean drinking water and school support.

Our first project is the production of a drinking water supply. We're going to build a well!

Water well

Sufficient clean water is essential!

The situation today is as follows: The women of the Maasai community walk daily up to two hours with donkeys just to get to their only water source.  However, they travel with unknowing if they will have enough water to bring back to their families.  Their water source is shared among many including their animals and in the dry season their water levels can be nonexistent.  At times excavating is necessary in order to retrieve water but by doing this the water can become polluted which is hazardous to their health.

In order to ensure the supply of water throughout the year and to ensure clean drinking water, we want to get a well built in the region of Mgora, together with the Maasai community.

This mission will prove to be a significant challenge.  With the help of our local partners we can accomplish our goal. We have done a lot of research and got in touch with different organizations. There are many questions to be answered, starting with "Who owns the land where the Maasai build their huts?" or "Is there any achievable groundwater?" up to "Where should the well be placed, so that it can be used for watering the farms?". Our local partners work closely with the community and obtaining the answers we need in order to move forward with the local authorities. In July 2019, part  of Mapiti flu to Tanzania to support and get processes moving in the right direction.

Give water. Water is life.
Together we can!


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