Give a helping hand – together we can!

Ground test ... 1,062 euros

A pumping system ... 4,000 euros

Drilling a water well ... 16,000 euros

The joy of the first drop of water ... priceless!

There are things you cannot buy. For everything else there is our donation account!

Many ways lead to the goal:


Donate (regularly) an amount of your choice to our bank account or via PayPal

Your help counts

You want more?
Become a sponsoring member!

Move something


Meaningful gifts

for you and your friends

Show your support

Associations, kindergartens, schools, parishes, etc.

Achieving more together


Do good things and talk about it!

Facebook, Instagram, when drinking coffee with friends and so on.

Let it roll

Without any costs for you!

Grant certificates (donation receipt)

We are recognized by the tax office Cologne West as a non-profit association.

That means you can deduct your donations in your tax return.

We will send you your donation receipts without being asked.

Please enter your e-mail address in the intended purpose.

On behalf of the people from Mgora, Tanzania, for which we are working with our first project, we sincerely thank you for your support! ♥

Bank Details
DE06 8306 5408 0004 1501 80
Deutsche Skatbank

Wir haben die Selbstverpflichtungserklärung der

"Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft" unterschrieben. 


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